Enjoying dinner and chatting with friends in Japan for the SGNS meeting.

Watching the chef prepare the food seems to be pretty exciting. I wonder what he’s making?

What do researchers do in Japan?

Vania awaiting his flight back to the U.S. from Japan.

SFN 2009

Marwan presenting his poster entitled “Nucleus accumbens responses to painful aversive and rewarding stimuli change in chronic pain.”

Mona presenting her poster entitled “A double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the effects of lidocaine patch therapy on brain activity for spontaneous pain.”

Elle presenting her poster entitled “Chronic pain and the perceived value of monetary reward.”

Alex presenting his poster entitled “A wiring rule for the insula based on DTI.”

Amelia presenting her poster entitled “Neuropathic pain modulates hippocampus mediated emotional behavior.”

Vania, Melissa, and Elle waiting to hear one of the many speakers invited to SFN.

Marivi and Kristi taking a break from the event to relax.

The lab on the way to dinner in a limo.

We like to keep it classy.

Smile Marwan!