TOP: Jennifer, Hugo, Rami, Simo, Marwan, Xin, Paul. BOTTOM: Marivi, Vania, Dante, Magali, Christine


Dr. Vania Apkarian, Dr. David Borsook, and Christian Maihofner at 4th World Congress WIP


Vania taking care of his guests during a lab function.


Paul cooking at Vania’s house.


Hugo and Rami in the lab.


Hugo in action.


Simo at work.


To be or not to be…


Taking a break from the lab to check out skiing in the Midwest.


Relaxing after a delicious meal at Vania’s house.


Rami at Simo’s bye bye party.


Vania’s birthday in 2007.


Rami preparing a lebanese brunch.


Time to relax.


Nate working his magic on the computer.


Nate in action!


Winter in Chicago.


Sporting his favorite team’s jersey.


Soccer on the beach.


Soccer on the beach, Summer 2006.


Working in the lab, 2006.


Working in the lab, 2007.


Working in the lab, 2007.


Hard at work at her desk.


At SFN 2007.


In Florence at OHBM Meeting 2006.